"Black Cat" History

Flotilla 3-13 known as “Black Cat” was chartered November 1, 1958. 

It was chartered with 23 members and has been up to as many as 85 members. 

Flotilla 3-13 is also known for being an Public Affairs, Public Education, Member Training and Boating Safety Flotilla. 

Flotilla 3-13 is not only a group of members but also a family that is there to support each other in Good Times and Bad Times. 

We presently have 15 members on the rolls, 15 actively participating members, of these 15 active participating members we have 3 Coxswains and out of the 15 and we have 8 AUXOP members.  We have 7 currently qualified Instructors, 9 Vessel Safety Check Examiners, 2 RBS Personal Visitors and 1 Public Affairs Specialists. 

This means of our membership, 53.3% are AUXOP, 46.6% are Instructors, 60% are Vessel Safety Check Examiners and 100% are involved with Public Affairs along with our Public Affairs Specialist.  Our goal is to inform and help the public be better and safer boaters. 

Our Flotilla has a Member Training Officer to advance the knowledge and skills of the membership in all areas of the Auxiliary, from Communications to Operations of a Vessel to Vessel Safety Checks.  

We have a tremendous Flotilla Newsletter and it scheduled for publication on a quarterly basis and dissemination to the members to be able to keep them up to date on the status of the Flotilla. 

Flotilla 3-13 is extremely active in Public Education, Public Affairs Appearances (especially with children and water safety, see our video with Coastie here on the Website) and Vessel Safety Checks. 

Flotilla 3-13 has an Awards Committee in order to recognize our members for their accomplishments by their own family members.  The Committee is also works along with the Division on establishing what Division Awards are earned and has also over the years been recognized with District Awards including being recognized as the "Outstanding Flotilla Division 3, 10 times in the last 12 years.

Flotilla 3-13 enjoys Fellowship after each Flotilla Meeting.  Holidays are special.  We all work hard as a Team and Family, we play as a Team and Family! 

We are always looking for new Team/Family members.  We all have a commitment to Boating Safety and helping the U.S. Coast Guard in any way we can.