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                  "Black Cat" Flotilla 3-13

 "Public Affairs 2014"

 We participate in Public Safety & Health Fairs, Public Appearances, Safety Seminars, Educate and Train the Public in Boating Safety!


                 In March of 2014, Flotilla 3-13 in cooperation with "Our Friends" at Cabelas Hazelwood Missouri brought to the St Louis Area the "MOST" Popular of all the Coast Guard Auxiliary Mascots "Coastie."  Watch his Video and Check Out his photos of all the young children that learned about water and boat safety (along with their parents) and had FUN doing it!        


                        Coastie                Betty Zoellner, Larry Kreissler,

                                               Cindy Kreissler, Kelly Jackowick,

                                                         and Dennis Grooms

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Unless otherwise stated, all photos and video is courtesy of Mark Zoellner, "Black Cat" Flotilla 3-13,                                      Copyright 2014 Flotilla 085-03-13